Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I'm still terrible at blogging, I apologize! I haven't taken the time to upload pictures from our camera yet, and just uploaded some from my phone today. Here is a small collection of pictures of Elliott at school (which I totally stole from her classroom facebook page), she had some hard days in the beginning, but is a total pro now! She was star student of the week (the same week as they learned about the letter E). I cannot believe how much she is learning already! Her first report card was great. She seems to be gravitating towards using her right hand more, but still uses both (making it a little more difficult for her to write her letters).  She can write her name now, and last week even spelled it for us out loud. She is getting pretty good at the sounds letters make too. My hope is she has all the letter sounds and the ability to write them all by the end of the year. She is very outgoing, and some of the mom's made a point to compliment how friendly she is to their kids. Such a proud Mom!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meet the Teacher/First Day of Preschool

Today went pretty much as I expected. I didn't sleep last night cause I was way too nervous, and finally threw in the towel and got up at 6am. I finished getting all of Elliot's stuff ready and woke her up around 7:30am, thankfully she woke up happy. She had some green juice and watched Caillou in bed while I fixed her breakfast (Lucky Charms for luck on her first day). We got dressed and did pictures, then headed out. From that point on Elliott did great, she walked in and was ready to, not so much. I'm proud to say that I held the tears off until I was back in my car and leaving. Here's some pictures...

Here are the pictures from meet the teacher....

 I can't believe I have a preschooler!!! Can't wait to share her thoughts on the day, I'll see if I can shoot a video of her talking about it!

Monday, September 3, 2012

I'm a terrible blogger....

but, I'm hoping to remedy this during my free time when Elliott is in school. What the what?!?!? School, already???? Yep, Elliott is starting school this week (2 days a week from 9-2). Chad will, unfortunately, be out of town this week, so my blog about her first day might have to wait until next week as I will probably sit in the parking lot crying all day Tuesday.  I cannot believe it's been over a year since my last post! Elliott's 3rd birthday this year was celebrated at a local park in Keller. I promised Chad when we moved (Oh, yeah...we moved into a new house in Keller almost 6 months after selling our last one, spending the interim at Chad's parents house) that I would not have her party here this year. Of course, I made/am making up for it by having mine and Trish's 30th Birthday Bash, Cori's Bachelorette Party, Cori and Clark's couple shower, and Bobby and Darcy's couple shower here. Ha! Hoping to do a post about each of those on my crafty blog ( Anywho, her party was a pinwheels and polka dot picnic brunch at the park...very small and easy, but still fun. I took no pictures at it, but I know Marla did, so hopefully I will get around to posting some soon. We also just did Elliott's 3 year pictures with the amazing Nine Photography, so hopefully I get around to posting those soon as well. Chad and I took a 5 year anniversary trip to Costa Rica with our good friends and new neighbors The Stupkas, lots of fun pics from that. AND, of course new home pics (before and afters). We haven't done a ton yet, but we're getting there. With all that said...STAY TUNED, blogs will be coming out soon!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

For those of you who don't know, summer has been a little hectic around here!

We took a trip to Lake Tahoe for my family reunion in June, an amazing trip with an amazing family. Cori (Chad's sister) got engaged while we were fun to be in on the big surprise. I got a call from Stephen and Clark (Chad's dad and Cori's fiance) the week before we left asking for help picking out a ring. Clark, Elliott, and I went on that fun excursion and then had the ring shipped to my FABULOUS Auntie Karen in California. She (after a comedy of errors with the UPS guy) drove the ring to Tahoe for us. By the time Clark proposed, my entire family....well, really everyone there with the exception of Cori and Marla (my mother-in-law) were in on the secret. The weather and resort were amazing, definitely a place we could go back to.  I'm in the process of getting all of the pictures from this from everyone organized so look for a bigger post with lots of pics later.

When we got home, we jumped into planning Elliott's 2nd birthday party (which will be a post in itself when I get the pictures from the photog), and looking for a home for Trish and the kids, and also looking at homes for us while getting our house ready to go on the market. Our house is currently listed (which means the bulk of my day is trying to prevent Elliott from making it messy), and we are hopeful it'll sell quickly.  We've put offers on 5 homes now only to have them be outbid in very odd circumstances. I'm confident that God is slamming those doors shut for a reason and will bring us the perfect home...although the emotional roller coaster has been trying.

But, before we left (in May...I think) we took family pictures with the **insert any complimentary adjective here** Nine Photography. I wanted something different and we went all out 1940's!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend Egg-stravaganza (get it?!?!?)

We had a very busy weekend...after being stuck in the house all week with croup, Elliott was ready to party on Friday evening. We went up to NRH2O and attended the Me & My Monkey Concert with Mar Mar, Pa, G-Boo, Mustache, and The Newman Kiddos (forgot to upload pics from my phone so this is all I took out there)...
The weather was actually better than expected after a very windy week. Saturday Chad's band, Bravo Zulu, played an outdoor all ages benefit concert. It was so fun to take Elliott to see Daddy on stage, however, it was crazy hot and windy as the storms blew in. The awning over the band blew over right before they started their first number. Lots of fun groupies came out (G-Boo and Mustache, GiGi and Robert, Big Bob, Missy, and Rick, Trish and the kids, Jake, Uncle Ray, Mean Aunt Cori and Uncle Clark, and, of course, Mar Mar and Pa) and all went to eat after (no pics from that, but it was a DELICIOUS meal at Chuy's and Elliott did so good....probably because it was air conditioned).
Then Chad and I went and partied at the Barnhill's for Amber's birthday, while Mar Mar watched out Punkindoodle...and I had so much fun, that I didn't take a single picture. The next day was Easter and we packed it full of fun. Started our day by picking up Precious and heading to Gram's and Nic Nic's for Easter Egg Hunt #1. My mom had streamers rolled out in the yard for the kids to follow (that way they all ended up with the same amount of goodies, and it helped them find the eggs). Elliott really enjoyed the ring pop she found in one of her eggs before I took all the candy out and gave it to her cousins. She also got bows, clippies, and some cute summer clothes. Trish (Auntie) and I purposely dressed the kids to match, but, of course, Elliott wouldn't let us take her picture with the cousins.
Then it was time for us to head to Mar Mar and Pa's for Elliott to do her Easter Gift Hunt from Mar Mar and Pa, and open her Easter basket from Mommy and Daddy. This girl is beyond spoiled, it was almost like Christmas!!! She loved EVERYTHING, so at least she's appreciative, right?!?!?
That wore her out, so she took a quick nap with Daddy while Mar Mar and Pa got together our yummy Easter Dinner. 
Then Auntie and the cousins came over, and Uncle Ray for another Easter Egg Hunt.  I found talking eggs for each of the kids to find, and Mar Mar and Pa had tons...and tons, of eggs with all sorts of goodies, and a stuffed carrot for each of the kiddos (with clothes, stickers, and hats). Mean Aunt Cori and Uncle Clark were there with their babies, Dumbo and Tigger, to add to the madness that is my awesome family!
Such a busy weekend!!! We might have overdone it since Elliott and I ended up back at the doctor today and she was diagnosed with a lower respiratory infection...poor girl can't catch a break, but boy did she live it up this Easter. In closing, I leave you with the kiddos picture with the Easter Bunny we took a while ago. Unlike Santa, Elliott LOVED the Easter Bunny and kept poking him in the face saying "bunny hop hop".