Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I'm still terrible at blogging, I apologize! I haven't taken the time to upload pictures from our camera yet, and just uploaded some from my phone today. Here is a small collection of pictures of Elliott at school (which I totally stole from her classroom facebook page), she had some hard days in the beginning, but is a total pro now! She was star student of the week (the same week as they learned about the letter E). I cannot believe how much she is learning already! Her first report card was great. She seems to be gravitating towards using her right hand more, but still uses both (making it a little more difficult for her to write her letters).  She can write her name now, and last week even spelled it for us out loud. She is getting pretty good at the sounds letters make too. My hope is she has all the letter sounds and the ability to write them all by the end of the year. She is very outgoing, and some of the mom's made a point to compliment how friendly she is to their kids. Such a proud Mom!

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